Who Can We Help:  Coaching Services by Jeff & Alicia Rasley d/b/a Midsummer Books

We can help any writer at any stage of the writing process.  For novice writers who need help to develop a process, we can provide coaching and editing services.  Similar services are available for experienced and published authors targeted to the level of the author's experience level.

If you have a finished manuscript, we can help you polish it to ready it for publication.  When it is ready for direct publication as an e-book or print-on-demand, we can help you make the book available for sale online.  If you need assistance in formatting, cover design, preparation of product description/blurb, choice of genre categories and keywords, pricing and marketing/promotion strategies, we can guide you through the process. 

For writers who want to try the traditional route of publication by finding an agent and/or major New York publisher of print books, our coaching and editing services are available.  In addition to editing and proofreading, we can help you prepare a query, synopsis, sample chapters and a publication proposal.  For writers with the stomach for rejection and willingness to delay publication for months (years in some cases), trying the route of traditional publishing makes sense.  If it doesn't work out, direct publication is a fall back.

The first step is feeling in your guts that you have something that needs to be written.  Whether you want it published or just want it polished for private use among family and friends, we can help.  

Coaching is $50/hour depending on complexity and ability to pay, or as otherwise agreed.  (IWC students are entitled to a $10/hour discount.) E-mail: jrasley@juno.com to arrange an initial consultation. 

Example of a student's response:

Thank you for conducting an excellent workshop on Saturday. I'm encouraged and am more in tune with the point and purpose of my memoir and have more options of how to write it.
Thank you for opening the door to me so I can scurry down the road a bit further on this road of being a writer. SJ

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