Himalayan Trekking and Expedition Planning

   To arrange a trek, tour, or expedition in Nepal, Tibet, or other areas in the Himalayan region, please contact me by e-mail at jeffrasley@gmail.com. I work with my friend Niru Rai's Nepal-based company, Adventure GeoTreks Ltd.  AGT will custom design a trek, mountaineering expedition, or tour for you or a group in any area within the Himalayan region.

  AGT’s Website is www.adventuregeotreks.com                                     

  I am not a guide. I provide advice and information based upon my experiences of trekking and climbing in Nepal and the Himalayas since 1995. 

     Using AGT rather than a "Western" guiding company will generally save clients one-third to half the cost of a trek, tour, or expedition. Employing a Western guiding company adds significant cost in salary and transportation. The Western guide usually expects the largest tip of the staff. Yet, Western companies use local outfitter companies to staff their Himalayan tours and treks. Western companies also expect a greater profit margin than Nepal-based companies.

     All of AGT's guides/sirdars speak English and the major European and Asian languages. AGT can staff treks in the delightful custom established by British aristocrats with Sherpas in the early 20th Century. Clients can choose tent camping or teahouse/lodge accommodations. For those who want to experience the spectacular views and rich cultural life of the Himalayas without trekking or climbing, AGT arranges tours by vehicle and airplane/helicopter. Glowing references will be provided and can be reviewed on AGT’s website.

     My books, You Have to Get Lost Before You Can Be Found  (www.amazon.com/You-Have-Lost-Before-Found/dp/1696951860) and Bringing Progress to Paradise  (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C1J7KTHK) describe trekking and mountaineering experiences with AGT and other outfitters.

     Expeditions to Nepal-India-Tibet Himalayas in 2023:  
    I am advising tourists, trekkers, and climbers who want to plan tours or expeditions most anywhere in the Himalayan Region. If you are interested in joining a group or planning your own travel adventure, please contact me. 

    Sydney Frymire, Basa Foundation member, leads "voluntourism" trips and "yoga treks" every year. A voluntourism trip includes a service component for the members along with in-depth cultural experiences. Sidney's yoga treks include visits to ashrams, experiences of different yoga disciplines, and "easy" trekking. Please contact me for more information on joining one of Sydney's groups or contact Sydney through https://www.thetrekofyourlife.com/

    Niru Rai, owner of AGT, develops specific itineraries and costs for the tours and trekking expeditions. After you know the details and costs of a tour or expedition designed for you or a group, you can then decide if you want to book it.
    So, if you have a group of your own, or want to design your own expedition or tour using AGT staff, let me know and Niru and I will develop a plan with you.
     The ground cost will probably range from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the duration of the trek or tour and total number of members. Cost includes hotel and meals in Katmandu or whatever your city of arrival might be, but not airfare to/from Katmandu or other city of arrival/departure. Complete daily itineraries for different trekking or tour options describing what the guiding company provides and the cost for each option will be provided before you book.

     If you have any interest in traveling to Nepal, India, Tibet or other areas within the Himalayan region, please contact me by e-mail at jeffrasley@gmail.com.   

    The expedition company I work with in Nepal is                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Adventure Geo Treks (P) Ltd
P.O. Box: 10358
Dhapasi (6), Kathmandu, Nepal.
Telephone: 00977-1-4377290
Mobile: 9851088242

Fax: 00977-1-4377285
E-mail: niru@wlink.com.np
; info@adventuregeotreks.com
Website: www.adventuregeotreks.com; www.nepalgeotreks.com; www.tibetexpedition.com 
         Namaste,  Jeff Rasley  

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